[Dnsmasq-discuss] Forwarding to a different DNS server by originating IP

Sebastian Sylwan sylwan at gmail.com
Mon Jun 17 11:21:01 BST 2013


please forgive the possibly newbie question, but I could not find an answer
to this reading the man page, or in various places online.

I have a dnsmasq server which correctly forwards DNS requests to different
servers according to the domain requested. This is great and thank you for
the good work with dnsmasq.

I now want to discriminate which DNS server the request is sent to
depending on the IP address the request originated from. i.e. if the
request for google.com (or any domain for that matter) came from a machine
on my internal network with IP i want to forward to,
if the request instead came from IP I want it to be sent to my
ISP's DNS server.

I *think* I could accomplish something similar configuring the DHCP server
to provide different DNSs to different hosts on their DHCP request, but
some of the hosts are not DHCP clients.

Any help appreciated.


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