[Dnsmasq-discuss] PXE Menu routing

Joe Giles jgiles at joeman1.com
Tue Jun 18 03:52:27 BST 2013

Hi List,

Not sure if this is possible, but would we be able to create a dnsmasq 
config so that different mac addresses get different PXE menus?

We have some new servers that only have a serial connection to pxe boot 
so our graphical pxe menus just display garbage on the screen. We have 
tested this by disabling the graphical menus and they came up fine. Only 
problem is, we don't want to disable the graphical menus for all machines.

So, we were wondering if its possible to create tags with mac addresses 
to point certain machines to different pxe menus. One group would get 
the graphical menus and the other would get just a basic text menu.

If this is possible could you provide some examples?

Thanks so much!

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