[Dnsmasq-discuss] Can I set up dnsmasq to act as a local caching recursive DNS server?

Robert S robert.spam.me.senseless at gmail.com
Sun Jun 23 22:21:58 BST 2013

>> I've been advised that my URIBL query traffic may be
>> aggregated with many others and that I need to use a local
>> caching recursive DNS server.
> This isn't a problem for me, because my mail server is also an
> authoritative NS server, and it runs BIND named. I only run dnsmasq
> in SOHO settings.

This looks like a simple solution.  I've looked at unbound, which
seems to be easy to set up the same way.

I've found a simpler solution which seems to work - I've used the
OpenDNS nameserver addresses in my resolv.conf.  Their website state
"OpenDNS is the largest and most reliable _recursive_ DNS service
...".  It appears that the previous problems with typo correction etc
have been sorted out.  I no longer get error messages about URIBL

Would this be suitable for a SOHO network?  I'd be interested to hear comments.

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