[Dnsmasq-discuss] Netbooting OS X and PXE with the same conf

Alex Silva alexs at filewave.com
Tue Jun 25 11:20:47 BST 2013

Hello list,

I am trying to use dnsmasq in an appliance that I intend to "drop" into a
network for network booting both OS X and PXE. I have attached the current
configuration file that I have. While it works for PXE, it does not work
for OS X. The problem seems to be with DHCP proxying, because netbooting OS
X works if I change the dhcp-range line to allocate IP addresses in a given
range. But I don't want the appliance to conflict with the networks's
authoritative DHCP server. Is there anyway this could be done?

Alex Queiroz
FileWave (Europe) GmbH
email: alexs at filewave.com
Chat : asandroq (Skype)
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