[Dnsmasq-discuss] dnsmasq caching stats meaning

Olivier Mauras olivier at core-hosting.net
Wed Jun 26 15:59:35 BST 2013


On 2013-06-26 16:33, Simon Kelley wrote: 

> On 26/06/13 15:21,
Olivier Mauras wrote:
>> Hello, I plan to deploy dnsmasq on a medium
sized network as primary caching DNS for both workstations and servers -
1500 workstations / 600 servers. I'm currently testing it on a test
subnet with around 50 workstations and have been wondering about the
cache stats. dnsmasq[27357]: time 1372247969 dnsmasq[27357]: cache size
2000, 0/65220 cache insertions re-used unexpired cache entries.
dnsmasq[27357]: queries forwarded 22019, queries answered locally 11238
dnsmasq[27357]: server xx.xx.xx.164#53: queries sent 5812, retried or
failed 0 dnsmasq[27357]: server xx.xx.xx.165#53: queries sent 5812,
retried or failed 0 dnsmasq[27357]: server xx.xx.xx.114#53: queries sent
16201, retried or failed 30 dnsmasq[27357]: server xx.xx.xx.115#53:
queries sent 925, retried or failed 10 What exactly means "0/65220 cache
insertions re-used unexpired cache entries"??
> It means dnsmasq
handled 65520 names lookups that needed to be sent to 
> upstream
severes that nothing was thrown out of the cache before 
> reaching the
end of its time-to-live, to make room for a newer name. For 
> the first
number, smaller is better.
> Simon.
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for the clarification Simon, i was wondering if the cache was correctly
used :)
If i understand you correctly it means that when the cache is
filled, newer queries won't be cached as long as a cached one has not
expired, right ?

Any drawback to max cache-size value to 10000 ? 


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