[Dnsmasq-discuss] Announce: dnsmasq-2.67rc1

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Tue Oct 1 14:47:00 BST 2013

Dnsmasq 2.67rc1 is now available at:


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Changelog/release-notes below.



version 2.67
             Fix crash if upstream server returns SERVFAIL when
             --conntrack in use. Thanks to Giacomo Tazzari for finding
             this and supplying the patch.

             Repair regression in 2.64. That release stopped sending
             lease-time information in the reply to DHCPINFORM
             requests, on the correct grounds that it was a standards
             violation. However, this broke the dnsmasq-specific
             dhcp_lease_time utility. Now, DHCPINFORM returns
             lease-time only if it's specifically requested
             (maintaining standards) and the dhcp_lease_time utility
             has been taught to ask for it (restoring functionality).

             Fix --dhcp-match, --dhcp-vendorclass and --dhcp-userclass
             to work with BOOTP and well as DHCP. Thanks to Peter
             Korsgaard for spotting the problem.

             Add --synth-domain. Thanks to Vishvananda Ishaya for
             suggesting this.

             Fix failure to compile ipset.c if old kernel headers are
             in use. Thanks to Eugene Rudoy for pointing this out.

             Handle IPv4 interface-address labels in Linux. These are
             often used to emulate the old IP-alias addresses. Before,
             using --interface=eth0 would service all the addresses of
             eth0, including ones configured as aliases, which appear
             in ifconfig as eth0:0. Now, only addresses with the label
             eth0 are active. This is not backwards compatible: if you
             want to continue to bind the aliases too, you need to add
             eg. --interface=eth0:0 to the config.

             Fix "failed to set SO_BINDTODEVICE on DHCP socket: Socket
             operation on non-socket" error on startup with
             configurations which have exactly one --interface option
             and do RA but _not_ DHCPv6. Thanks to Trever Adams for the
             bug report.

             Generalise --interface-name to cope with IPv6 addresses
             and multiple addresses per interface per address family.

             Fix option parsing for --dhcp-host, which was generating a
             spurious error when all seven possible items were
             included. Thanks to Zhiqiang Wang for the bug report.

             Remove restriction on prefix-length in --auth-zone. Thanks
             to Toke Hoiland-Jorgensen for suggesting this.

             Log when the maximum number of concurrent DNS queries is
             reached. Thanks to Marcelo Salhab Brogliato for the patch.

             If wildcards are used in --interface, don't assume that
             there will only ever be one available interface for DHCP
             just because there is one at start-up. More may appear, so
             we can't use SO_BINDTODEVICE. Thanks to Natrio for the bug

             Increase timeout/number of retries in TFTP to accomodate
             AudioCodes Voice Gateways doing streaming writes to flash.
             Thanks to Damian Kaczkowski for spotting the problem.

             Fix crash with empty DHCP string options when adding zero
             terminator. Thanks to Patrick McLean for the bug report.

             Allow hostnames to start with a number, as allowed in
             RFC-1123. Thanks to Kyle Mestery for the patch.
             Fixes to DHCP FQDN option handling: don't terminate FQDN
             if domain not known and allow a FQDN option with blank
             name to request that a FQDN option is returned in the
             reply. Thanks to Roy Marples for the patch.

             Make --clear-on-reload apply to setting upstream servers
             via DBus too.

             When the address which triggered the construction of an
             advertised IPv6 prefix disappears, continue to advertise
             the prefix for up to 2 hours, with the preferred lifetime
             set to zero. This satisfies RFC 6204 4.3 L-13 and makes
             things work better if a prefix disappears without being
             deprecated first. Thanks to Uwe Schindler for persuasively
             arguing for this.

             Fix MAC address enumeration on *BSD. Thanks to Brad Smith
             for the bug report.

             Support RFC-4242 information-refresh-time options in the
             reply to DHCPv6 information-request. The lease time of the
             smallest valid dhcp-range is sent. Thanks to Uwe Schindler
             for suggesting this.

             Add --force-fast-ra option. Another thanks to Uwe

             Make --listen-address higher priority than --except-
             interface in all circumstances. Thanks to Thomas Hood for
             the bugreport.

             Provide independent control over which interfaces get TFTP
             service. If enable-tftp is given a list of interfaces, then
             TFTP is provided on those. Without the list, the previous
	    behaviour provide TFTP to the same interfaces we provide
             DHCP to)  is retained. Thanks to Lonnie Abelbeck for the

             Add --dhcp-relay config option. Many thanks to vtsl.net
             for sponsoring this development.

             Fix crash with empty tag: in --dhcp-range. Thanks to
             Kaspar Schleiser for the bug report.

             Add "baseline" and "bloatcheck" makefile targets, for
             revealing size changes during development. Thanks to
             Vladislav Grishenko for the patch.

             Cope with DHCPv6 clients which send REQUESTs without
             address options - treat them as SOLICIT with rapid commit.

             Support identification of clients by MAC address in
             DHCPv6. When using a relay, the relay must support RFC
             6939 for this to work. It always works for directly
             connected clients. Thanks to Vladislav Grishenko
             for prompting this feature.

             Remove the rule for constructed DHCP ranges that the local
             address must be either the first or last address in the
             range. This was originally to avoid SLAAC addresses, but
             we now explicitly autoconfig and privacy addresses 	

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