[Dnsmasq-discuss] How to see how addresses are resolved - i.e. a sort of DNS traceroute?

Chris Green cl at isbd.net
Thu Oct 3 14:25:54 BST 2013

I want to check how addresses are resolved on my LAN, is there an
easy[ish] way of finding where DNS requests are sent and where they are
finally resolved (or at least where they leave my LAN)?

With the latest fashion of using dnsmasq on all machines to provide
local caching of DNS it's quite difficult to check if things are going
the way one expects.

I run my own dnsmasq (as opposed to the local caching one installed by
Ubuntu etc.) on a server machine on the LAN.

So I have (along with a lot of other bits and pieces):-

    ADSL router       
    Server running dnsmasq
    My desktop machine

The router has two connections to the internet which it load balances so
DNS might go out direct from it to one ISP's DNS servers or it might go
out on its WAN/ethernet port to another ADSL modem which uses a
different ISP.

I just want to check how various things are looked up to make sure that
DNS is resolved through the right route.

Chris Green

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