[Dnsmasq-discuss] Anyone using authoritative to feed secondary name servers?

dnsmasq at cdl.asgaard.org dnsmasq at cdl.asgaard.org
Tue Oct 22 06:22:28 BST 2013


	I am trying to stand up dnsmasq at home, and my secondaries don't seem 
to be able to pull the serial number of the primary from dnsmasq.  I'm 
including the only log messages I am getting, and the snipits from the 

Oct 22 05:09:39 heimdal dnsmasq[28799]: auth[SOA] dom.asgaard.org from
Oct 22 05:09:39 heimdal dnsmasq[28799]: auth dom.asgaard.org is <SOA>

auth-zone=dom.asgaard.org,<my dnsmasq primary block>/24
auth-zone=<the reverse zone>.in-addr.arpa,<my dnsmasq primary block>/24

I've tried it with and without the soa defined.  Any thoughts?  Sorry if 
this was covered, but I couldn't find an answer after some substantial 
google searching.


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