[Dnsmasq-discuss] Give ip for client only if mac and hostname are specific one

Beat Meier mbe_ml at swiss-wireless.com.ar
Thu Oct 31 23:07:46 GMT 2013

Thanks Simone this works!

I'm trying to go to the perfect solution :-) so I have still a question.
Is there a possibility to get the boolean OR operation with tags?

I give for a mac and hostaname some ip
For the same mac with other hostname an other ip
And for the rest I want normal dhcp operations...


Now how can I to a tag which is set if one of this tags above are set?

As I see tag-if does set tag only if all tags are set and I want
set a tag if host1-ok is set OR host1-mac-only is set ...
so I can use this tag for normal operations or is there an other solutions?

Thanks a lot


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