[Dnsmasq-discuss] dhcp-helper and dnsmasq coexist problem

Jerry kent51234 at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 6 09:37:04 GMT 2013

Jerry <gui at ...> writes:

> Hello, 
>   I want to run dhcp-helper and dnsmasq at same time in my device which have 
> multiple bridges. for example, br0 get ip address from DNSMASQ, and br1 get 
> from another dhcp server through dhcp relay.
>   There are something happened, I use the -p option in dhcp-helper for 
> alternative port 1067/1068, but dhcp-helper can't work normally. I try to 
> redirect port to 1067 in NAT PREROUTING chain, but I can't see the DHCP 
> DISCOVERY packets at the filter INPUT chain. Where are the packets going?
>   How can I let dhcp-helper and dnsmasq coexist in my device?

Sorry, I post message here first time, at that time I think it was fail to 
post, so I try different mail to do. 
And can I delete the redundant messages? 

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