[Dnsmasq-discuss] Controlling TTLs and Response size

Nishant Rajvanshi nishantrajvanshi at gmail.com
Tue Nov 26 09:45:22 GMT 2013

We are using dnsmasq as a proxy/caching server for our network. We need a
couple of customizations in dnsmasq  for our network:

1) To be able to control the  TTLs for certain IPs which are returned using

so for e.g if I had an alias=,

I want to modify the TTL when received IP was, or the returned IP

So, basically, i want to control the TTL for specific requests.

2) Sometimes, the responses returned by upstream servers are large. For.e.g
a request for google.com from a client would results in 10-12 IPs being
returned by the upstream server. We need to capture the response and be
able to return just 1 or 2 ips to the client. This is required to reduce
the caching of excess data and also reduce network traffic and DNS failures
on a busy network.

Please suggest how this can be done. I'm not a C programmer, but if someone
can give us pointers for the changes (files/functions etc), I can attempt
to make them.

TIA for your help.
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