[Dnsmasq-discuss] address=/#/ - does not work!

Nikita N. nikitan at operamail.com
Mon Dec 9 11:26:50 GMT 2013

Hi Albert :) I see you want a complete log/trace session for your
debugging, isnt it? :)
Well I didnt think to prepare that, I was thinking you could give me
some more easy answer..
First of all I would like to know, is my config file correct?
With such config file, am I supposed to get what I want?

Because, if my usage is correct and the config file is correct, then its
some kind of bug, and so I can prepare you some traces, if you really
Honestly, since dnsmasq didnt work, in fact I dropped dnsmasq..
I tested with "dhcpd" for the DHCP support, and with "dnsspoof" for the
DNS, and all works great.
But as you know, dhcpd is very heavy app, king of too exaggerate for my
needs, and dnsspoof is a dirty hack tool..
So was hoping in dnsmasq for a clean,small, all-in-one solution.. but
maybe Im wrong..?

On Mon, Dec 9, 2013, at 03:11 AM, Albert ARIBAUD wrote:
> Le 09/12/2013 11:50, Nikita N. a écrit :
> > Hi Albert :) what I wrote you is what in fact I *see* from Wireshark.
> > I see all traffic there, I see exactly when and where appears the frame
> > into at0, the DHCP and DNS request frames from me, the correct answers
> > from dnsmasq and the "silences" from dnsmasq :)
> > Any help?
> Sorry, I did not see that you were speaking about wireshark traces.
> The detailed output from Wireshark/tcpdump in the working and failing 
> cases could help -- more if you can get one from the DHCP client and one 
> from the server at the same time for each case. You don't need to post 
> it to the list; you can 'pastebin' it somewhere and just post the 
> 'pastebin' URL.
> Amicalement,
> -- 
> Albert.

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