[Dnsmasq-discuss] address=/#/ - does not work!

Albert ARIBAUD albert.aribaud at free.fr
Mon Dec 9 12:59:12 GMT 2013

Le 09/12/2013 13:41, Nikita N. a écrit :
> OH my god! :)) I see now you are not the author of dnsmasq.. I see the
> author id Simon Kelley.. apologies, I thought I was talking  with the
> author :)

Never mind. :)

> Of course you dont have to debug that issue! :D
> No, really, im pretty sure of what I saw in wireshark traces, even
> because I spent few hours in testing dnsmasq, and it really didnt work
> as I expected..

You seem to think that I am doubting what you saw. I am not. Actually, I 
am confident that you indeed saw it. That is precisely why I offered the 
suggestion to log DHCP (and ARP) traffic from within the server and also 
the client, to see if for instance the dnsmasq answer was sent out by te 
server but not received by the client, or if the answer was never sent. 
BTW, this makes me realize that the tests should be performed with 
--log-queries and --log-dhcp, so that you can tell if dnsmasq did 
produce a reply. Thus, if dnsmasq logs say a reply was sent but tcpdump 
or wireshark logs on the server don't show it, then you can tell there 
is a network issue on the server, etc.

> Mostly the DNS feature half-hour-delayed disappointed me enough..
> So my question is directed to the author of dnsmasq - I still dont know,
> can I use dnsmasq for my needs? or im just wasting time?
> Thanks :)

AFAICT, yes, you should be able to obtain what you are looking for.

Again, I suggest you perform tests, ideally on small independent parts 
of your setup.

For instance, you can query DNS records from dnsmasq from within the 
server itself using dig; that will allow you to make sure the DNS part 
of your config works without being hampered by any DHCP issue. You can 
check that domains all get resolved to the right IP, and you can also 
test if your server answers to queries to the right IP.

As for the DHCP issue, again, do you have another machine with which you 
could query DHCP from a wired machine to the server, i.e., without any 
tap and wireless involved? That would help determining if the issue is 
in dnsmasq or in your network setup.


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