[Dnsmasq-discuss] address=/#/ - does not work!

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Mon Dec 9 17:04:36 GMT 2013

On 09/12/13 08:29, Nikita N. wrote:
> Hi All, its the first time for me on this maillist :)
> Im trying some tests with dnsmasq, but I cant make it work.. sorry :(
> I dont know if its a bug.. or its just me missing something..
> So here what I want to do:
> I created a tap ethernet interface (on wireless, because I have only
> that, but thats not important I guess..).
> I called at0, and I enabled it with "ifconfig at0 up netmask
> All works ok, I see the interface receive/transmit Ethernet frames, also
> I see ip6 management frames around, and so on..
> Now I want to provide DHCP and DNS functionality to at0, so I found
> dnsmasq which "should" do both (isn't it?)
> So what are the requirements for dnsmasq: after providing an ip by DHCP,
> every *every* page request by DNS must be answered
> In fact Im not providing any wan/internet connection at all, its just a
> test, so e.g., if appears on at0 a DNS request for www.google.com,
> dnsmasq must send *at-once* a DNS answer with - always!
> Here my dnsmasq.conf:
> no-hosts
> no-resolv
> no-poll
> no-negcache
> no-ping
> address=/#/
> dhcp-range=,,,12h
> interface=at0
> .. unfortunately it doesnt work.. :(
> The following is not working:
> 1) when appears on at0 a DHCP "request" as first, without the "discover"
> first, no answer comes! it *always* happens that after the first
> connection, my network does not send the any "discover" anymore, dnsmasq
> no answer, so my network sends a ARP gratuitous, but still dnsmasq keeps
> silent.. if a "discover" comes on at0, then ok, dnsmasq sends answer
> ACK.. but I repeat, it very rare that my network sends a "discover", so
> I need dnsmasq to always answer DHCP ACK anyway!
> 2) when appears on at0 a DNS request for any website, www.google.com,
> just any, dnsmasq keeps silent, no answer.. after repeated requests,
> maybe after half hour repeated requests, then dnsmasq finally decides to
> answer correctly with DNS answer= but only after half hour!
> thats unacceptable..
> Any help? Thanks :)

I think this may be what you need.

        -K, --dhcp-authoritative
           Should  be  set  when  dnsmasq is definitely the only
           DHCP server on a network.  For DHCPv4, it changes the
           behaviour from strict RFC compliance so that DHCP requests on
           unknown leases from unknown hosts are not ignored.
           This allows new hosts to get  a lease without a tedious
           timeout under all circumstances.



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