[Dnsmasq-discuss] DHCPv6 same host different subnets

Roy Marples roy at marples.name
Fri Dec 13 20:35:33 GMT 2013

Different physical networks.
If it matters both networks are plugged into the router via USB dongles. One goes into a wireless AP and the other into an Ethernet Over Power point. For the curious the box itself only has one physical ethernet port which is plugged into a PPPoE modem.

For reference,  ISC dhcpd manages to do this fine provided you create dummy host entries for the same ClientID but with different fixed ips on each.


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On 12/12/13 14:57, Roy Marples wrote:
> Hi
> According to this:
> http://lists.thekelleys.org.uk/pipermail/dnsmasq-discuss/2013q3/007464.html
> This should work
> dhcp-host=id:00:01:00:01:XXX,[2a01:348:31:2::2],fred
> dhcp-host=id:00:01:00:01:XXX,[2a01:348:31:3::2],fred
> But it fails. I get the last address assigned to the 2a01:348:31:2
> subnet request.
> This is running 2.68 on NetBSD, not tested the above config with earlier
> versions.

What's the server configuration? Are 2a01:348:31:2::
and 2a01:348:31:3:: on different networks, or the same physical network.



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