[Dnsmasq-discuss] How does proxy-dhcp work ?

Robert M. Albrecht lists at romal.de
Tue Dec 17 18:19:04 GMT 2013


I'm trying to setup a dnsmasq adding some pxe-stuff in a network with an 
uncooperative DHCP-server.

Even for this problem dnsmasq has a solution, really the 
swiss-army-knife for DNS/DHCP stuff !

But I don't unterstand how this works. Perhaps someone could enlighten me.

A proxy usually sitzs between server and client and does some magic like 
filtering or caching. But of both (dhcp-server and dhcp-client) are in 
the same broadcast-domain (local link whatever you might call it) so the 
dhcp-server could simply answer the request and dnsmasq would not come 
into the game.

Or is there some logic in the pxe-clients to ask a second time, when the 
pxe-stuff was missing in the first answer ?

I'm slightly confused how this works.

cu romal

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