[Dnsmasq-discuss] Intermitent DNS failures

ion.beguiristain ion.beguiristain at orbital-aerospace.com
Wed Dec 18 09:30:32 GMT 2013

Hi everyone, I'm Ion a network admin who is having a bit of trouble with 
dnsmasq. I'm running dnsmasq 2.59-4 on a x86_64 Ubuntu server 12.04.3 LTS.
It has been working fine for a long time but couple of days ago it 
started intermitently failing to resolve queries. I have added 
log-queries to the config, but I can't see a single  failed query in the 
logs. Although when you try to access any web it fails half of the time. 
It gets specially bad when trying to resolve internal hostnames or 
websites urls.
When it resolves something it takes over 10 seconds. Can this be a bug 
in 2.59-4?

I also read about dnsmasq setting the DF bit (Don't fragment), but 
tracepath revealed a 1500 bytes pmtu, so I don't think that is the 
problem. I would appreciatte any clues as to how to troubleshoot or 
solve further. Thanks alot for your time.

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