[Dnsmasq-discuss] Ping does not work but nslookup works (Use dnsmasq on Mac OS X)

Koos Pol koos2013 at pohw.nl
Mon Dec 23 19:00:01 GMT 2013

op 23-12-13 16:03, Peng Yu schreef:
> http://www.justincarmony.com/blog/2011/07/27/mac-os-x-lion-etc-hosts-bugs-and-dns-resolution/
> (...)
> ~$ nslookup oxygen.yulab
> Server:
> Address:
> Non-authoritative answer:
> Name:    oxygen.yulab
> Address:
> ~$ ping oxygen.yulab
> ping: cannot resolve oxygen.yulab: Unknown host

I'm a far cry from being Mac knowledgeable. But reading the story from the URL
above, combined with your output, I think your Mac uses different name
resolution paths for nslookup and ping. I don't have another explanation for it.

Wat is the contents of /etc/resolv.conf?


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