[Dnsmasq-discuss] auth-zone and subdomain

Jim Bos jim876 at xs4all.nl
Tue Jul 12 16:14:46 BST 2016


I'm authoritative for domain:   my.zone.local
However, there is a subdomain for which another dnsserver is resolving
at IP so I tried this in dnsmasq.conf:


However, a query for a host in this sub-domain is answered with
NXDOMAIN, i.e. a query for   host.subdom.my.zone.local  results in:

 dnsmasq[22745]: query[A]
    host.subdom.my.zone.local from
 dnsmasq[22745]: auth
    host.subdom.my.zone.local is NXDOMAIN

I was hoping the queries for this subdomain would still be forwarded,
but that's not working.
When I remove the auth-zone statement all works as expected but
obviously I'm no longer authoritative and queries for non-existing hosts
in my.zone.local are forwarded to upstream server.

Is this a bug or a feature or did I configure this incorrectly ?


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