[Dnsmasq-discuss] No DHCP leases handed on bridge interface

Sébastien Delafond seb at debian.org
Fri Jul 15 18:09:02 BST 2016

On 2016-07-15, Albert ARIBAUD <albert.aribaud at free.fr> wrote:
> OTOH, there *is* a link with the networking setup since dnsmasq
> works without the bridge and stops working with the bridge.


> Also, the fact tha ISC dhcp works might hinge on how ISC dhcp
> listens to requests exactly vs. how dnsmasq does. What's the ISC
> dhcp config exactly?

The shorted functional one is:

  subnet netmask {

> Speaking of tcpdump, can you use it to capture a successful request
> to ISC dhcp and a (failed) request to dnsmasq, on eth0.2 as well as
> on br.eth0-2, and make the captures files available somewhere?

They're now at https://people.debian.org/~seb/dnsmasq-pcaps



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