[Dnsmasq-discuss] Moving client to new subnet

Michael Crider - HOEC mcrider at hoecoop.org
Mon Aug 1 20:13:25 BST 2016

We recently migrated from isc-dhcp-server running on Ubuntu Server 10.04 
to dnsmasq running on Ubuntu Server 16.04. We have a dhcp-range defined 
that is static - all clients on that subnet are defined in a 
dhcp-hostsfile. We have a second dhcp-range defined that is dynamic (for 
"visitor" devices). With our old server, when we were adding a new 
client (either Windows or Ubuntu) we would let it grab a dynamic address 
on the first boot, then get the MAC address and add it to the 
dhcp-hostsfile, restart dhcp and reboot or otherwise renew the ip 
address on the client. With the new server we have learned that the 
client will still request and be granted the dynamic address, even if 
dnsmasq was stopped and the lease deleted. Is there a setting for 
dnsmasq that will force it to give a static address when one is defined 
for the client (based on MAC and/or computer name), even if a dynamic 
address is requested?
Michael Crider, IT Supervisor
Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative
West Plains MO

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