[Dnsmasq-discuss] Static IP client question

Chris Green cl at isbd.net
Sun Aug 7 09:32:47 BST 2016

On Sat, Aug 06, 2016 at 08:57:43PM -0400, Edward Crosby wrote:
>    I've implemented Dnsmasq on a Raspberry Pi 3 running Ubuntu Mate 16.04
>    on my home LAN. I have configured it as a DHCP server also. I have
>    quite a few clients on my LAN, most of them are DHCP clients. I have
>    one PC, my personal PC, that has a static IP address. This PC does not
>    resolve host names of other host on my LAN, it doesn't even resolve the
>    hostname of the Dnsmasq DNS server, even though I have the Dnsmasq
>    server IP as my DNS server.

I'm doing almost exactly the same as you.

What I do is fix the IP address of my desktop machine by getting
dnsmasq to always give it the same address.  So leave your desktop
with a dynamic IP in its configuration and have something like the
following to your /etc/hosts file on the pi:-       localhost
    # These have fixed IP for various reasons, so dnsmasq serves their IP
    from here       
    #     vigor     pi.zbmc.eu raspberrypi  pi     esprimo.zbmc.eu zbmc.eu     maxinexp     ben    mikrotik    fonera

My desktop machine is esprimo.

Chris Green

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