[Dnsmasq-discuss] dnsmasq: routing non /24 reverse in-addr.arpa requests

Alessandro Bottonelli alessandro at bottonelli.it
Sun Aug 28 18:03:48 BST 2016

Il 2016-08-28 17:56 Albert ARIBAUD ha scritto:
> Hi again Alessandro,
> Le Sun, 28 Aug 2016 14:56:35 +0200
> Alessandro Bottonelli <alessandro at bottonelli.it> a écrit:
> ------ 8<  cut >8 ------
> And that's my issue, what's the syntax (if available) to tell dnsmasq
> to ask for reverse for less than 0.255 range? Say ask
> 10.240.156.[0-63] revs to and ask 10.240.156.[64-255]
> revs to
> And/Or, as previously asked, is there a way to tell dnsmasq to ignore
> NXDOMAIN coming from one server (say and keep asking
> the others (till the and of the server list)?
> Er... Maybe you missed the second part of my answer. Here it is again:
> > Can you use rev-server? The manpage gives an example with a subnet
> > size for rev-server (whereas it does not give any size for server).
> > Maybe other values than 24 work too -- I haven't checked the source
> > code, only the manpage.
> Did you try this?

Ah! I didn't miss it, much worst! I dismissed it! Pardon :-/  that was 
just because I didn't find such "rev-server" option in the man page. Now 
I double-checked, and *yes* the dnsmasq version I actually installed 
last night (from standard repositories) is quite old (Dnsmasq version 

So I downloaded the sources for v.2.76 and indeed found the rev-server 
option in the man page!

Now I have to plan the make and install of a "/usr/local/sbin/dnsmasq" 
and the replacement of the repository version. I've to do it directly on 
a fully operational, 7x24, mission-critical server, 600 Km away. 
Therefore, I've to do it just like porcupines make love: VERY 

Such rev-server option looks very promising.

Since you have been helping a lot, I will post the results to the list 
in a few days, for your an anybody's else reference.

Grazie mille Albert,


And thank you very much to Simon (and to any other contributor) for the 
good work!

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