[Dnsmasq-discuss] Can dnsmasq assign IP addresses on a subnet without an interface?

Parke parke.nexus at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 08:12:37 BST 2016


The dnsmasq manpage says:

"Addresses allocated like this [via dhcp-host] are not constrained to be in
the range given by the --dhcp-range option, but they must be in the same
subnet as some valid dhcp-range."

Unfortunately, the manpage does not appear to specify what exactly a "valid
dhcp-range" is.  In order to be "valid", does a dhcp-range require an
(active) network interface on the same subnet as the range?

My situation is as follows:

I am running two logical IP subnets on a single four port home wireless
router.  This works fine.

The logical subnets are:

dnsmasq is running on a Raspberry Pi with eth0 of  I have
configured two dhcp-ranges, one on each subnet.

My goal is for dnsmasq to assign the IP address of to a client
based upon that client's MAC address.  This IP address is on the other
subnet from the Pi.

However, dnsmasq is instead assigning an IP address from the dhcp-range on

If I run "ifconfig eth0:1", then the Pi has active interfaces
on both logical subnets, and then dnsmasq will assign to the
client.  However, I would like this assignment to happen even when the Pi
does not have an interface on

It appears I am running dnsmasq version 2.62-3+deb7u3.

The below thread may discuss a similar issue:

Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions.


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