[Dnsmasq-discuss] Cache is flushed repeated when 2 cname point to the same domain

石磊 shilei at qiyi.com
Mon Jan 9 01:43:13 GMT 2017


We are running into an issue that the cache is flushed repeated when 2 cnames are point to the same domain. For example,
Domain-A is cnamed to Domain-True
Domain-B is cnamed to Domain-True, and then Domain-True is a A record.
In this configuration, if we dig in the sequence: Domain-A=> Domain-B=> Domain-A=> Domain-B,
we saw the 3rd step and 4th step are forwarded.

After read the code, we found in the function “cache_scan_free”, it will check the A record, and remove it if found. My question is it seems not necessary to do this check to do this check? Since only when the cache missing or expire or cache full will trigger a forward, correct me if I am worng or miss anything.

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