[Dnsmasq-discuss] Fwd: dhcpv6 and clients in Oracle VirtualBox

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Sun Jan 15 19:26:30 GMT 2017


VirtualBox exchanges the source/destination mac of all client packets to the mac of the host and vice versa. If a config
entry is searched by dnsmasq, first the duid will be compared. If no matching entry is found, the mac address is used
instead. Since no duid is configured for my clients in VirtualBox, dnsmasq searches for a matching mac. The packet
contains the host's mac, dnsmasq uses the config entry for the host. The client gets the name of the host. Dnsmasq can
not use the source mac of a packet to configure something.


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I've some trouble with clients in VirtualBox (Linux and Windows 10). The host runs Windows 7. I create dhcp-host entries
for all machines:


If I start a client in VirtualBox, it does hi-jack the dhcp6 name of the host. Both windows machines are using the same
iaid. With 'ipconfig /renew6', I can retrieve the name for ipv6. All machines provide a name by its own. It is the same
name, which is configured for dnsmasq. If I add a duid and a ipv6 address, it doesn't occur. The ipv4 name isn't
affected. The second dhcp-host entry maybe wrong, because it contains an ipv6 address but no duid.


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