[Dnsmasq-discuss] Got bad packet: bad compression pointer

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 20:01:51 GMT 2017

On Wed, Jan 18, 2017 at 11:48 AM, Simon Kelley <simon at thekelleys.org.uk> wrote:
> Hash: SHA256
> I won't have access to a MIPS system 'till the weekend.
> I assume you're using the git head code?

No. Lede-project head. package claims to be dnsmasq-2.76-6. libc is musl.

Box under test was an archer c7v2. Can go try a few other mips boxes
like the wndr3800, but I've seen it there too. The arm box (that is
working) is an linksys-1200ac. (overall it's looking like a fine
release of lede)....

> Did you manage to see a dump of the upstream reply?

Not yet. I'll touch bases with you later in the week.

> Simon.
> On 18/01/17 07:31, Dave Taht wrote:
>> so far I can only make it happen on mips. Doesn't happen on arm.
>> Haven't tried harder yet.
> Version: GnuPG v2.0.22 (GNU/Linux)
> CJPNyk32jnAqZdIa9D3DOH2L9gN5GyBiAtv4iCz5KuzDnB9twBtQWOdzde5sZWWd
> 4t8tSsvJkr0pRZhhRQKelF2oW0k7Y0UM4mD90ZoabX9ytQG4ceTFkHKlwwPLvvTc
> Osh9RmCpX1tsJoE/y+lMpEdT+GlhOe4z2Z9FZlTN7ke/uO9nIarekSIvnxgOnyac
> vrHvgnjyyEHbfr0BNaupdwZz9d/dVABYkFTDUk4dg4tn6MW99AsbD2DaL9alx8U/
> MsvbFarQe/w8fJkmBJOThWkLMvpO1854XAysc8/m5ldIEwcV4Yge29nYrmDhn9kH
> Evo7wbKSH4AYGskYTiWnssczu1RhQOX9jCD31gv5CVOeTY4Dt7NR3WFCsAH2RYpR
> jcstckC5R1fqfKtQt9B0l2SWmmLukRcMbGM1hiJbqGrZcb++gZ2RYl80AD0iQhkD
> GjLNQAUKwlDwzB7JYXX+Fn0AVvP/G4qrmYBFlcxloddtrCiNqu4icTYIAb1zv0Lo
> opM+0fFcfg1PPPobTQ7FLJQR/uAO93MWZJ43Ht90YEdk6aaBCf7Ego1fU0G6TjCV
> iphmOqvhs96GFfhaBMYwFxvHb1tHNDT+Xzlsvkvk+S8SKyhNOg5GJOL2Dz78vlB/
> fcImILW4vRf4rIkMDZKL
> =kPYg

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