[Dnsmasq-discuss] About UEFI PXE booting in proxy mode

Steven Shiau steven at nchc.org.tw
Fri Jan 20 08:39:59 GMT 2017

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your reply. I am answering you in the following.

On 2017/01/20 06:47, Simon Kelley wrote:
> Your example 3 - I'm confused why that shouldn't work - the PXE client
> seems to be making further requests which are bring ignored. Would it
> be possible for you to get a packet dump of that exchange using tcpdump?
$ sudo tcpdump -ni ens38 'udp port 67 and udp port 68'
tcpdump: verbose output suppressed, use -v or -vv for full protocol decode
listening on ens38, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet), capture size 262144 bytes
16:18:33.208355 IP > BOOTP/DHCP, Request
from 00:0c:29:1d:9a:d1, length 347
16:18:36.205647 IP > BOOTP/DHCP,
Reply, length 341
16:18:36.385548 IP > BOOTP/DHCP, Request
from 00:0c:29:1d:9a:d1, length 359
16:18:36.386212 IP > BOOTP/DHCP,
Reply, length 341
4 packets captured
4 packets received by filter
0 packets dropped by kernel

> Example 4 looks quite hopeful - the client is succerssfully
> downloading the bootx64.efi file (ignore the error before, that's just
> testing for the existance of the file.
> Can you see what's displayed on the client system at this point?
It's blank screen due to the background_image for grub is not
downloaded,  and in the end the grub shows no grub.cfg error, as
attached. That format is from the grub prefix we added by:
set prefix=(tftp)/grub-efi.cfg
echo "Grub CPU and platform: \$grub_cpu, \$grub_platform"
echo 'Network status: '

tr --set pretty_mac x: x- \$net_default_mac

echo "Loading config file \$prefix/grub.cfg-01-\$pretty_mac..."
configfile \$prefix/grub.cfg-01-\$pretty_mac

echo "Loading config file \$prefix/grub.cfg-\$net_default_ip..."
configfile \$prefix/grub.cfg-\$net_default_ip

echo "Loading config file: \$prefix/grub.cfg"
configfile \$prefix/grub.cfg

echo "Could not find config file \$prefix/grub.cfg-\$pretty_mac,
\$prefix/grub.cfg-\$net_default_ip or \$prefix/grub.cfg!"
sleep 15
This is exactly the same problem as mentioned here:
i.e., only grub efi is downloaded, while the rest of required files are
not downloaded. As I mentioned for comparison, for non-proxy mode with
same configuration, it works well.

Thanks again.


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