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Petr Mensik pemensik at redhat.com
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I think you should use --domain local parameter. It will tell your clients to use common dns domain and would resolve such names in dnsmasq.
Where are your DNS data stored? Do you use /etc/hosts for them? Do you have there fqdn with unqualified aliases?

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Solved adding fqdn to etc/host in the Ubuntu server. 

Il 28 gen 2017 11:48, cristian at studioautoservice.it ha scritto: 

I do apologize. Further investigation took me to my Windows XP clients that seems to append to every host request the local domain ( we are dismissing a Windows domain but the machine are still joined). 
So if I ping testhost XP will add Autoservice.locale to the request. 
I tried adding local=Autoservice.local to dnsmasq.conf but didn't work. 
I hope that after unjoined the client will work as expected. 
Thanks anyway. 

Il 27 gen 2017 20:59, cristian at studioautoservice.it ha scritto: 

Hi everyone, 
I'm trying to make dnsmasq work in my small office. 
It's installed on Ubuntu machine. 
Everything seems ok I can resolve host names of the other PC's. 
The only thing I'd like to fix now is that I have to put a dot at the end of the host name otherwise it will not be resolved. 
So basically if I ping 'testhost' it fail if I ping 'testhost.' It will work. 
There must me something about domain name but I need some help. 
Thanks in advance. 

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