[Dnsmasq-discuss] [OT] A question about MX records

Chris Green cl at isbd.net
Sun Feb 19 21:26:25 GMT 2017

I'm afraid this is a little off topic for dnsmasq but I don't know
where else I could ask.

If I have a small server that is both a basic internet host *and* the
mail server for that host how does one set up the MX record in the
zone file?

I.e. I have a server for the domain zbmc.eu and 'host zbmc.eu' returns
the following:-

    chris at cheddar$ host zbmc.eu
    zbmc.eu has address
    zbmc.eu mail is handled by 10 zbmc.eu.
    chris at cheddar$ 

Is this correct or should there be an alias so the mail server has a
different name?

Chris Green

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