[Dnsmasq-discuss] dns/resolv.conf shoud follow DNS server as learned via DHCP

Rene Stoutjesdijk r.stoutjesdijk at gmail.com
Sat Mar 4 09:41:34 GMT 2017

i did setup the dnsmasq to be the dns server/resolver for my clients.
this works fine when i say that the resolver (at my dnsmasq server) is
pointing towards

However, my uplink router and ISP could change, so what i'm looking for now
is that the resolver doesn't point anymore to the but follows the
DNS server which i do get provided automatically by the ISP router (as the
interface between the local host and the router is DHCP derived).
( i know it could stil work with the but i want to explore this

Can this be achieved within dnsmasq? and if yes how.

thx in advance for your response
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