[Dnsmasq-discuss] Blacklist selection per dhcp-host?

Art Greenberg art at artg.tv
Tue Mar 21 15:17:44 GMT 2017

I am currently using addn-hosts for DNS blacklisting.  All of the dhcp
client machines on my network use static assignment via dhcp-host
entries in the config file.  Running dnsmasq version 2.48 on Centos 6
(yes, I'm aware its old but that seems to be the most recent version in
the Centos 6 repo).

On a few dhcp client machines, the blacklist causes problems because the
user of those machines depends upon vendor websites that link to domains
in the blacklist.  Because I obtain the blacklists from third parties,
editing them isn't a great option (assuming I could even figure out
which entries to remove).  So for those client machines, I am using the
"net:" facility with dhcp-options to force them to use a different DNS
server, that being my router which in turn points to the ISP's DNS
servers.  This is not a very satisfactory work-around, as those clients
aren't able to resolve addresses internal to my network.

Is there a way to disable/enable (or select) a blacklist on a per
dhcp-client basis?  Can dnsmasq be configured to listen for DNS queries
on two network interfaces and apply the blacklist to only one of them? 
Or run two instances of dnsmasq on two different network interfaces, and
only one of them respond to DHCP requests?

I can install a newer version of dnsmasq if needed.


Art Greenberg
art at artg.tv

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