[Dnsmasq-discuss] Using dnsmasq to MAP/alias a FQDN

Rabbi Gutman thasgolas at gmail.com
Fri Mar 24 16:36:43 GMT 2017

Having a problem with a partially isolated subnet attempting to make LDAP
(v.3) requests from a Windows domain with multiple DCs.
Though there are multiple DCs and, therefore, DNS servers in the domain,
this subnet can only talk to three of them.

The application is making the requests from DomainDnsZones.domain and
ForestDnsZones.domain -- when the requests hits the Windows network, the
least busy DC responds -- which 9 times out of ten (or more) is one that
the subnet can NOT communicate with -- so the request hangs and dies.   I
could limit it  in /etc/hosts to one DC only, but they eliminated
redundancy.  There is a host alias (MYDC.domain)  in the domain for just
the DCs this network can use; however, the general requests that are going
out do not get limited to those two.  I can alias DomainDnsZones and
ForestDnsZones to MYDC.domain, but once the FQDN is used (which seems
non-configurable in the application!), the aliases are ignored.
MYDC.domain does not have its own IP, so can't use /etc/hosts.

Can dnsmasq map DomainDnsZones.domain and ForestDnsZones.domain to
MYDC.domain?  How do I set this up?

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