[Dnsmasq-discuss] Update rebind attack protection to include IP6 delegation

Ziggy SpaceRat Ziggy.SpaceRat at gmx.de
Sat Jan 27 22:28:27 GMT 2018

> Some  circumstances  may  be  vulnerable  to  DNS  rebinding attacks
> against  global IPv6 address. Through DHPCv6-PD the local network is
> a  uniquely identifying global subnet. This makes DNS rebinding to a
> local  machine on its global IPv6 as easy as traditional RFC1918. It
> would  be  a good idea to eliminate any local network IP (RFC1918 or
> otherwise) from global DNS responses.

I  would consider that a BUG (Actually it does exist as bug ... in AVM
Public IPs are public IPs are public IPs.

One  of  the  benefits of IPv6 is, that everybody incl. normal private
users, can finally get *public* IPs for all devices.
This  effectively removes the need to use different IPs (and sometimes
even  ports)  for  access to the very same ressources, depending on if
you are at home/at your office or outside.

That means I can put up a web server on 2001:db8:dead::beef, create an
AAAA  record  for it and use that new host name from inside as well as
from the outside of my LAN.
No  need  to  use 192.168.blah.blubb:80 from inside and bla.dyn.com:88
from the outside ....

So actually I want my hostnames to resolve anywhere, also at home.

Kind regards
Ziggy SpaceRat

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