[Dnsmasq-discuss] leases file only contains a single entry

Joseph Muro jmuro0321 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 25 04:20:41 BST 2019


The dnsmasq.leases file only contains a single entry, even though 3 DHCP
leases have been acknowledged.

Here is content of leases file:

1564110359 52:54:00:da:34:b0 *
> ff:00:d9:85:be:00:01:00:01:24:95:20:a9:52:54:00:d9:85:be

Here is snippet of configuration:

> pid-file=/home/jmuro/dnsmasq/10.20.102/dnsmasq.pid
> dhcp-hostsfile=/home/jmuro/dnsmasq/10.20.102/hostsfile
> addn-hosts=/home/jmuro/dnsmasq/10.20.102/addnhosts
> dhcp-leasefile=/home/jmuro/dnsmasq/10.20.102/dnsmasq.leases
> # Log options
> log-facility=/home/jmuro/dnsmasq/10.20.102/dnsmasq.log
> log-queries=extra
> log-dhcp

I attached log file.

What am I missing?

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