[Dnsmasq-discuss] v2.78 & addn-hosts

L. V. Lammert lvl at omnitec.net
Fri Jul 26 03:23:21 BST 2019

Just updated to this version (from OpenSuSE 15.0 packages), and it appears
that the addn-hosts option is now broken.

After update, each time dnsmasq was started/restarted, it threw an error
reading the file pointed at by addn-hosts:

Jul 25 16:49:40 marvel dnsmasq[4547]: failed to load names from /etc/internal_hosts: Permission denied

Tried every combination of user and file permissions on thefile, no joy.

Ended up swapping that file for /etc/hosts, and came up fine.

Would this be something affecting others, or, perhaps, something wonky in
this OpenSuSE version?

Be happy to test if it would help.


	USA, St. Louis (Missouri)

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