[Dnsmasq-discuss] dnsmaq on OpenWRT, configuration question

Art Greenberg art at artg.tv
Sun Jul 28 15:20:20 BST 2019

On Sun, Jul 28, 2019, at 09:59, john doe wrote:
> This might void your warranty but accessing the Roku using Telnet might
> be worth a try 'telnet roku-ip-address 8085' (1).
> On the roku, can you specify the DNS server(s) manually?
> The URL (2) was found when googling.
> 1)
> https://developer.roku.com/en-gb/docs/developer-program/debugging/debugging-channels.md
> 2)
> https://lifehacker.com/all-the-roku-secret-commands-and-menus-in-one-graphic-1779010902
> --
> John Doe

Thanks for that.

You cannot set anything other than wireless SSID manually two of the Roku devices I have, and you can only see the DHCP-assigned IP address. The third has a wired network connection in addition to WiFi, but I don't recall how that is set up. I'll have to look. They're all recent models with up to date firmware.

I've seen quite a bit of "secret menu" information already. A lot of it is out of date. Many of the secret menu key sequences no longer work, and those that do don't show IP details that aren't already available normally.

The developer info is interesting, but I didn't find anything about seeing IP details. Apparently telnet doesn't drop into a general purpose shell, but rather one of a few in-built debugging consoles with a focus on app developers. I'll poke around a bit more. I should sign up as a developer - maybe there is a way to write an app that will display that information. LOL.

Art Greenberg
art at artg.tv

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