[Dnsmasq-discuss] Some MAC addresses recognised, others not, in dhcp lines

john doe johndoe65534 at mail.com
Sun Aug 4 11:33:15 BST 2019

On 8/3/2019 10:50 PM, Chris Green wrote:
> I'm running dnsmasq version 2.76 on a raspberry pi to provide DNS and
> DHCP services on my LAN.
> I have some dhcp-host lines in my configuration file to give names to
> systems that don't give their names, e.g.:-
>     dhcp-host=00:09:B0:C9:CE:81,onkyoTx-nr616
>     dhcp-host=28:EF:01:2D:EB:07,chrisKindle
>     dhcp-host=08:EB:74:9D:47:53,humaxFreeview
>     dhcp-host=2C:08:8C:CC:9A:9E,humaxYouview
>     dhcp-host=00:1F:E2:4E:8F:CA,maxineStudy
>     dhcp-host=1C:1B:0D:60:9A:E1,ben
>     dhcp-host=AC:AE:19:2C:3F:5A,roku
>     dhcp-host=10:FE:ED:63:29:74,TP-Link_TL-WA7210
> Most of these work but a couple don't work.... ..and I think I have

Which one are not working?
The URL (1) might be of interest to you.

> just realised why they don't work.  Systems which don't request their
> IP address from dnsmasq don't provide dnsmasq with their MAC address
> and thus dnsmasq doesn't give them a name.

By that you mean that you have fix addresses on some hosts and there are
not static leases in dnsmasq?static in the dnsmasq?

> Presumably these static IPs must be put into /etc/hosts on the dnsmasq
> system, is this the only way of handling this?

If you can move away from fix addresses, static leases might be an option.
If you can't move away from fix addresses, as you hinted out you will
need to look at the host file/host file options in dnsmasq or the
'address' option in dnsmasq.

John Doe

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