[Dnsmasq-discuss] Local dnsmasq server not utilized by Ubuntu

Andrew Miskell andrewmiskell at mac.com
Sun Aug 4 21:42:16 BST 2019

Actually, run resolvectl status on the Ubuntu box, find your interface name and see what the DNS servers say they are configured as. They should be your local DNS server IP.

If not, then something isn’t getting the DNS servers from DHCP. If you’re using NetPlan (which is the default) check the Netplan configuration for the network card.

> On Aug 4, 2019, at 2:53 PM, john doe <johndoe65534 at mail.com> wrote:
> On 8/4/2019 9:04 PM, dnsmasqyq.xpt at neverbox.com <mailto:dnsmasqyq.xpt at neverbox.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Thanks a lot for all your replies.
>> Sorry I wasn't very clear first as I don't know if anyone would
>> read/reply. Here is my reply to you one by one, but at this single
>> place.
>> On Sun, Aug 4, 2019 at 1:36 PM Daniel Huhardeaux wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I know this is not a dnsmasq issue per se, but all my machines are
>>>> Ubuntu based and they all can't utilized the local dnsmasq server that
>>>> I setup for my LAN, which literally making my local dnsmasq server
>>>> useless.
>>> systemd-resolve is irrelevant to the OP's question, it provides local
>> 'on the machine' DNS caching.  What the OP wants is 'local on his LAN' DNS...
>> Sorry I wasn't very clear in my OP -- I've setup my local dnsmasq
>> server (DHCP/DNS) correctly. All my Ubuntu machines are picking up IPs
>> from my dnsmasq DHCP server. Just they don't use my dnsmasq DNS
>> server.
>>>> The problem is that the NetworkManager that Ubuntu uses insists to use
>>>> its own DNS server, which is, not the DHCP/DNS server I
>>>> setup for my LAN.
>>> Most likely you are looking at `systemd-resolved`. Consider
>> that "local DNS".  It still needs an upstream DNS.
>> Yes, I believe so. the is used, and I can confirm that
>> whether the `resolvconf` is installed or not. The problem is that,
>> `systemd-resolved`'s upstream DNS is suppose to be my LAN dnsmasq
>> server (DHCP/DNS), at least I hope so, but it is not somehow, and this
>> is the exact problem I'm trying to solve/figure out why.
>> Why I say the upstream DNS is not my LAN dnsmasq DNS server? Because
>> when I `dig` for my local machine names, including the LAN dnsmasq
>> server itself, I get nothing in the `ANSWER SECTION` section, unless I
>> manually switch the `nameserver` entry in /etc/resolv.conf in *my
>> clients machines* to my LAN dnsmasq server. Then everything works.
>>>> I'm wondering how you guys solved such problems, since you are using
>>>> dnsmasq server just fine. I had been asking such questions at the
>>>> Ubuntu and NetworkManager side multiple times at multiple places, but
>>>> have never been able to get a straight/working answer.
>>> Hello.
>>> It's not a NetworkManager nor an Ubuntu problem: you have
>>> systemd-resolve installed on your machine (guess Ubuntu 18.04) which
>>> uses as IP for DNS. You have to go in /etc/systemd and adapt
>>> the resolved.conf file to put your dnsmasq IP server as DNS.
>> Yes, exactly I'm using Ubuntu 18.04, thus systemd-resolve. So,
>> How to adapt the resolved.conf file so that my modification survive
>> reboot, and not hard-coding anything as when I take my laptop else
>> where, I don't want it still pointing to my home LAN dnsmasq server?
> Lookat the 'resolvconf' package if it is installed.
> Basically, look at the top of /etc/resolv.conf to see what is handeling it.
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