[Dnsmasq-discuss] is dnsmasq shared by all ports

Gordon Shawn capcoding at gmail.com
Sun Aug 25 01:55:34 BST 2019

I'm running two dnsmasqs daemons one on port 53 another one on port 5333,
both set cache-size=8192, are these two dnsmasq processes sharing the same
cache or they're totally independent as far as cache goes?

each dnsmasq also calls different host files, i.e. /etc/hosts.1(for port
53) and /etc/hosts.2(for port 5333), they do share a /etc/hosts though. I
noticed clients using 5333 port sometimes get IP from /etc/hosts.1.

so the question is, can I run two dnsmasq processes on different ports
totally independently?

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