[Dnsmasq-discuss] Can only have one servers-file in config file

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I had two 'conf-file=' entries in my dnsmasq.conf file that pointed to files that contained server= entries. One file was for adservers and the other was used for redirecting a couple of domains to different upstream DNS servers.  I had separate files as the adserver file is downloaded nightly and I wanted to have DNSMASQ reread the file without having to restart it. This worked fine. I changed the 'conf-file=' entries to 'servers-file=' so they could be reloaded by sending a SIGHUP signal. However, DNSMASQ would not start with this configuration. It would produce the following error: dnsmasq: illegal repeated keyword at line 22. Line 22 contained the second 'servers-file=' entry. Is this by design or is this a bug? If it is a bug then hopefully it will get fixed soon. If it is by design I would like to see that changed to you can have more than one 'servers-file=' entry. If is it by design and it is not going to change then I think an entry needs to be added to the man page indicating that you can have only one 'servers-file=' entry.


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