[Dnsmasq-discuss] [PATCH] Support Cisco Umbrella/OpenDNS Device ID & Remote IP

Geert Stappers stappers at stappers.nl
Wed Apr 7 05:53:37 UTC 2021

On Tue, Apr 06, 2021 at 08:45:17PM -0600, Brian Hartvigsen wrote:
> This is based on the information at https://docs.umbrella.com/umbrella-api/docs/identifying-dns-traffic and https://docs.umbrella.com/umbrella-api/docs/identifying-dns-traffic2 . Using --umbrella by itself will enable Remote IP reporting. This can not be used for any policy filtering in Cisco Umbrella/OpenDNS. Additional information can be supplied using specific option specifications, multiple can be separated by a comma:

wrap at ~72 characters

> --umbrella=orgid:1234,deviceid=0123456789abcdef
> Specifies that you want to report organization 1234 using device 0123456789abcdef. For Cisco Umbrella Enterprise, see "Register (Create) a device" (https://docs.umbrella.com/umbrella-api/docs/create-a-device) for how to get a Device ID and "Organization ID endpoint" (https://docs.umbrella.com/umbrella-api/docs/organization-endpoint) to get organizations ID. For OpenDNS Home Users, there is no organization, see Registration API endpoint (https://docs.umbrella.com/umbrella-api/docs/registration-api-endpoint2) for how to get a Device ID. Asset ID should be ignored unless specifically instructed to use by support.

wrap at ~72 characters

> Signed-off-by: Brian Hartvigsen <brian.andrew at brianandjenny.com>
> ---
>  src/dns-protocol.h |  1 +
>  src/dnsmasq.h      |  6 +++++-
>  src/edns0.c        | 53 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
>  src/option.c       | 23 ++++++++++++++++++++
>  4 files changed, 82 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

Note that man/dnsmasq.8  is _not_ updated.

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