[Dnsmasq-discuss] Wildcard / catch all Mail eXchanger (MX)

Mark dnsmasq at resimplify.net
Fri May 7 14:05:56 UTC 2021


I know there are MX related configuration options which can be used in
dnsmasq.conf (mx-host, mx-target, selfmx and localmx) - however, none of
them appear to be able to deliver the specific functionality I'm looking
for...here's what I'm trying to do...

I have an internal network that is using dnsmasq for name resolution and
some (not all) hosts are using it for DHCP.

I would like dnsmasq to deliver a single MX record back to MX queries from
hosts on my internal network no matter what mail domain is being included
in their MX query - i.e. a 'wildcard MX' (which I'll point to my SMTP

The description of the 'mx-host' option in dnsmasq's man page makes
reference to this type of requirement ("for directing mail from systems on
a LAN to a central server") - however, dnsmasq still appears to need to be
configured to provide responses only for specifically mail domains
("hostname") MX requests.

Essentially, I believe I want to specify a wildcard as the "hostname"
(really "mail domain").

I wondered if it's possible to deliver this functionality with the current

Appreciate any insights you're able to share.

Thanks in advance.

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