[Dnsmasq-discuss] Is there a way to run dnsmasq in safe mode (no-fail)?

Geert Stappers stappers at stappers.nl
Sun May 23 20:31:12 UTC 2021

On Sun, May 23, 2021 at 09:35:46PM +0200, Ercolino de Spiacico wrote:
> > 
> > It is impossible for software to decide what is a ‘serious matter’ and
> > what isn’t.
> Allow me to disagree with your statement.

No. Aim for agreement.  Find common goals.

> It is not the software but the
> developer defining the criticality.
> We have the full list of parameters at this page:
> https://thekelleys.org.uk/dnsmasq/docs/dnsmasq-man.html
> All it needs is a categorisation for each parameter as in critical or not as
> far as the process basic operation is concerned..
Challenge: Make that possible 

Geert Stappers
Silence is hard to parse

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