[Dnsmasq-discuss] Change in behaviour of --server

Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant kevin at darbyshire-bryant.me.uk
Tue Jul 6 11:14:05 UTC 2021

Hi Simon,

An eager OpenWrt tester of current dnsmasq master has noticed the following change in behaviour:

Openwrt uses a conf file containing a list of RFC6761 domains that are considered undesirable to forward, reducing load on upstream servers etc.  This conf file contains lines such as "server=/onion/“.  Said user overrides this with a line in main config file ’server=/onion/’.  Unfortunately current dnsmasq looks through its servers and returns ’NXDOMAIN’.  dnsmasq v2.85 says ‘yeah fine, I’ll forward that to’

The are two solutions to this: 1) drop ’server=/onion/‘ from the RFC6761 config file - 2)  Take advantage of new syntax and use ’server=/*.onion/’

I’m flagging this as a change in behaviour and I’m not sure how syntactically it can or even should be fixed, or just documented as a change in behaviour. eg.

Should there be a difference (& what should it be) between


(forward to



(not sure!)

or even worse


(use both #2053 & #2153?)


Kevin D-B

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