[Dnsmasq-discuss] localise-queries on ipv6 server does not work with ipv4-only hosts

fda at gmx.de fda at gmx.de
Sat Jul 24 22:36:25 UTC 2021

> Yes, it does not sound hard, but it is not available. This is a request
> for a new feature.

Is this the right place? Or should i post it somewhere else?

> Will IPv4 ever be down in your network and IPv6 still
> working fine?

Yes, because of that i noticed it!

My router/dnsmsq + some clients are dual-stack. The old server ipv4 only.

Sometime the ipv4 of the router is disabled/changed, as some other devices

in recovery configuration use, or every Openwrt device in

settings / unconfigured ... So i noticed it!

The clients then uses the ipv6 (it seems not be the preferred ip
version!) and

fail to connect the server then as they get 5 A records and chose 4:1
the wrong one

> Feature submissions via git patches are welcomed also on this list

If i where able to do, i would not ask here! ;-)

As i know only shell scripting, so i'm now duplicating the whole dnsmasq
config with

hosts file, and run for each of the 5 vlans an separate instance of
dropbear, bound

to the vlan-interfaces. Works for the moment, but not really smart

If you want to change it (absolutely okay) in the code, the "interface"
in manpage

should be changed to make it clear for other


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