[Dnsmasq-discuss] Details of the --dhcp-optsdir=<path> option

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Sat Sep 4 10:29:32 UTC 2021

On 04/09/2021 09:15, Chris Green wrote:

>> This works if your DHCP server only hands out static addressing so the host
>> names are all listed in the /etc/hosts or addn hosts location on both
>> machines.   If the DHCP server is handing out addresses from a pool, then
>> only the DHCP dnsmasq instance will know about those hosts by name.
> I was aiming to synchronise the lease file in /var between the two
> systems as well as the configuration.

Hi Chris

Did you see my suggestion to cross post the events to each machine using a script? I replied in one
of your other threads re this situation? I think you could make a simple/imperfect cluster setup
like this fairly easily? (good enough for a small home lan)

Ed W

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