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Petr Menšík pemensik at redhat.com
Thu Sep 9 20:02:23 UTC 2021

Hi Dominik and Simon,

I like the idea, but not so much the implementation. This table is
processed per packet and is quite inefficient. The more types we add to
it, the more inefficient it becomes. What about transformation to more
computer friendly version, which does not have to iterate over all
records one by one.

I made optimized version of above and used Dominik's data with some
regexps to convert it to different format. It is slightly less human
friendly, but much more machine friendly. I think it scales well.

Logging each query would be slow anyway, but we should not waste CPU
cycles previous way.

What do you think?



On 9/9/21 2:42 PM, Dominik DL6ER wrote:
> Hey Simon,
> I have a few patches for the v2.87 cycle, here is the first one:
> This patch implements all known RR type strings as defined by IANA at
> https://www.iana.org/assignments/dns-parameters/dns-parameters.xhtml
> This is especially important because we've seen logs that contain types
> where dnsmasq doesn't know the human-friendly name. Most commonly seen
> these days is <type=65> ("HTTPS") which is now used widespread by Apple
> devices. We've seen reports where this query type can even make up to
> 20% of the overall traffic. Whether this is useful (or healthy) is
> another thing.
> I'm involved in the process now and get notified if the IANA RR types
> table gets updated and will send new patches if this is the case.
> Best,
> Dominik
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