[Dnsmasq-discuss] [PATCH] DHCPv6 - network booting 'address in use'

Harald Jensas hjensas at redhat.com
Mon Sep 20 09:55:23 UTC 2021

On 9/17/21 21:16, Petr Menšík wrote:
> Hi Harald, Simon,
> I made an alternative change, which I think has similar output. I think 
> the use of DHCP6UNSPEC is suspicious itself and does not have any good 
> error code assigned by RFC 8415, because it should not result in an 
> error. I have tried to add also MUST require from the RFC, refusing 
> off-link requests with NotOnLink error. Not yet tested it myself, I have 
> no IPv6 booting environment available (yet). That is in patch1.
> Patch2 is just bunch of const changes, reduction of repeated status code 
> filling into dedicated function. Should not change behaviour, just 
> reduces few lines and some cosmetic changes.

Thanks Petr!

I did a couple of IPv6 network boot tests using your patches and can 
confirm that it works as expected.


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