[Dnsmasq-discuss] Upstream servers by host tag (or MAC)

Hubert FONGARNAND hubert at fongarnand.fr
Tue Sep 21 06:32:29 UTC 2021


Here's my use case :

Some hosts in my home are for my children (smartphone, tablet...). I want 1) they access internet
filtered by OpenDNS, 2) they could resolves internal hosts name (example home printer, nas).

My idea was to add the possibility to use the "server" directive like that

|server = tag:child,208.67. 222.123  // OpenDNS family shield for children.
|server = // default upstream for everyone else|

I know that i can use DHCP for doing

|dhcp-option=tag:child,option:dns-server,208.67. 222.123|

But with this solution my childs devices would not be able to resolv internal hosts (private
domain) which are handled by dnsmasq itself.

Thanks for your ideas. We can try patches on github ?



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